Special services & prices


VIP package : Pick-up at your hotel

Luxury Car Rent offers you its “VIP Package” (minimum rental period is one hour). The Mercedes E-class delivered in front of your hotel in Rethymno. The Luxury Car Rent team picks you up at your hotel. A custom service with a guide who accompanies and drives the mercedes e-class in order to optimise driving conditions and security. You choose the duration of the tour.Call the Luxury Car Rent booking center and live your dream now !


Weddings, birthdays...

You want to live your dream : Getting married in Rethymno in a Speedster 356 RCH, Ferrari 208 Turbo, Golf 1984, Audi Q7 e-tron or a Mercedes E-class? With Luxury Car Rent, your dream can come true ! Just show us your driving licence and we’ll give you the key to your dream !  Luxury Car Rent would like to be the “genie” that grants you your dream..


Corporate Events...

Thanks to your staff, your business is thriving? Your new partner is an asset for the development of your company? You want to thank them and are looking for a gift they will love? Luxury Car Rent has the solution: offer them the rental of a Speedster 356 RCH, Ferrari 208, Golf 1984, Audi Q7 e-tron, Mercedes E-class in Rethymno!