Speed-ster 356 RCH




Type                            |Type 546 Air Cooled Flat-4  

Power                         | 54 bhp @ 4400 rpm            

Torque                       | 76 ft lbs @ 2500 rpm            

Driven Wheels          | RWD                                        

Compression Ratio  | Petrol                                      



Top Speed                | 99 mph                          

0 – 60 Mph                | 13.9 s                               



DISPLACEMENT        | VW 4-Speed                    

Type                            | Manual                                


The 356 Speedster is one of the most iconic cars of the 20th century. Was designed to be a fast and lightweight car suitable for racing.

Its design element makes it unique. It has a minimalist and elegant appearance, with a small windshield and a low profile. The simplicity of the Speedster’s design reflects the philosophy of “less is more”.

The car is equipped with a reliable 1.6-liter engine that delivers 60 horsepower. With its high performance and lightweight, the 356 Speedster was a car that attracted drivers looking for an excellent driving experience.

Over time, the 356 Speedster has become a collector’s car and one of the most recognizable in the world. Its value today is high, making it one of the most coveted cars among collectors and car enthusiasts. Its rare offer and historical significance make the 356 Speedster a true gem of automotive history and one of the most admirable cars ever released in the market.