Kaefer Cabrio

Price Info :

Rest of Year: 89€/day

April – May – June :        99€/day
September – October :   99€/day

July – August :  109€/day

Rest of Year:                   89€/day

April – May – June :        99€/day
September – October :   99€/day

July – August :               109€/day



Type                               | Four-cylinder, air-cooled, boxer

Power                            | 50 hp                                           

Torque                           |  100 Nm                                         

Driven Wheels            | RWD                                            

Compression Ratio    | Petrol                                             


Top Speed                | 115 Km/h / 71 Mph                          

0 – 60 Mph                | 15-20 s                                              


DISPLACEMENT        |  4-Speed                           

Type                              | Manual                                


The Volkswagen Kaefer Cabrio, also known as the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, is an iconic automobile that encapsulates a rich history and timeless design.

Born in the 1930s, the Beetle has evolved over generations, maintaining its distinctive silhouette and charm. The Kaefer Cabrio variant adds an element of open-air exhilaration to the Beetle experience. With its retractable soft top, it offers drivers and passengers a unique way to enjoy the road, whether it’s cruising through city streets or embarking on scenic drives.

The Kaefer Cabrio retains the Beetle’s compact yet functional design, making it ideal for urban navigation and parking in tight spaces. Its efficient engine provides a balance of performance and fuel economy, while its comfortable interior ensures a pleasant driving experience.

Embraced by enthusiasts worldwide, the Volkswagen Kaefer Cabrio represents more than just a car; it embodies a cultural icon that continues to captivate generations with its enduring appeal and unmistakable charm.